Digital Business Campaign Poster

Apptio: Digital Business Campaign

Responsibilities: Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, VO, Copywriting

Details: Assets created for the Digital Business campaign that supported the TBMS18 event. Deliverables included an keynote video, PowerPoint presentation and print collateral.

Technical Info: After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator

Categories: Promotional   Marketing  

Infamous Party - Print Ad 1

WildTangent: Casual Connect 2012

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Graphic Design

Details: Advertising, promotion and collateral for the annual casual connect party sponsored by WildTangent and held at the Seattle Aquarium.

Categories: Advertising   Promotional  

Direct-mail CD - Front Cover

TomoTherapy: Direct-mail CD

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Interactive Devlopment & UIX Design

Details: An interactive direct-mail CD-ROM with various testimonials and videos about the TomoTherapy cancer treatment process.

Categories: Advertising   Promotional  

Vertafore Direct-mailer - Outside

Vertafore: Agency Platform

Responsibilities: Graphic design, production

Details: A direct-mail and online advertising campaign created to promote Vertafore's Agency Platform Enterprise Webinar series

Categories: Promotional  

Level 2 - Postcard - Front

Level 2: New Years Event

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Graphic Design

Details: A two color promotional postcard for the Level 2 New Years Eve event

Categories: Advertising   Promotional