Blast Radius - Cover Art

HSG: Blast Radius

Responsibilities: Art Direction, 3D Illustration, Concept Art

Details: UI, UX and game art concepts created for the Blast Radius mobile game by HSG.

Technical Info: Modo, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Photoshop, Illustrator

Categories: Mobile   Touch  

DCloud Portal 2.0 - Quick Shelf

Disney: DCloud Portal 2.0

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Design, UI, UX, IA

Details: User experience, interface design and information architecture for a tablet friendly internal web application for the Disney corporate portal.

Categories: Touch   Software  

Hoya Free-Form - Home

Hoya: Hoya Free Form

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Design, Flash / AS3 Development, HTML, CSS, JS

Details: An interactive overview of Hoya's free-form lens technology. Initially this project was for a touchscreen displays used at trade-shows and events but was later re-purposed for the web and mobile at the clients request.

Categories: Websites   Microsites  

Powerplate Pro7 - Main menu

Powerplate: Pro 7 UI

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Design, UI UX

Details: User experience and interaction design for the on board software of the new Powerplate Pro7 series of exercise equipment.

Categories: Mobile   Touch  

TomoTherapy Kiosk A - Home

TomoTherapy: Touchscreen Kiosk

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Design, UIX, Web Development

Details: A series of multimedia touchscreen kiosks developed for TomoTherapy for use at global events and roadshows. The objective of these kiosks was to explain the highly technical products through the use of treatment animations and video case studies

Categories: Flash   Touch