Blast Radius - Cover Art

HSG: Blast Radius

Responsibilities: Art Direction, 3D Illustration, Concept Art

Details: UI, UX and game art concepts created for the Blast Radius mobile game by HSG.

Technical Info: Modo, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Photoshop, Illustrator

Categories: Mobile   Touch  

Hoya Free-Form - Home

Hoya: Hoya Free Form

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Design, Flash / AS3 Development, HTML, CSS, JS

Details: An interactive overview of Hoya's free-form lens technology. Initially this project was for a touchscreen displays used at trade-shows and events but was later re-purposed for the web and mobile at the clients request.

Categories: Websites   Microsites  

Powerplate Pro7 - Main menu

Powerplate: Pro 7 UI

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Design, UI UX

Details: User experience and interaction design for the on board software of the new Powerplate Pro7 series of exercise equipment.

Categories: Mobile   Touch