Motion Projects

Motion Graphics & Animation Reel

WildTangent: Casual Connect 2012

Project: Event Animation

Categories: Animation  

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Design, 3D, Animation

Details: This animation was created to be displayed on various screens throughout the Seattle Aquarium durring an event hosted by WildTangent for Casual Connect 2012

Technical Info: Cinema 4D, After Effects

Live Hard Chicago: MTC

Project: Broadcast Identity

Categories: Broadcast  

Responsibilities: Graphic Design, 3D, Animation, Sound Design

Details: The opening title sequence for the Live Hard Chicago cable program featuring the Midwest Training Center

Technical Info: Cinema 4D, After Effects

New Balance: Best In Class

Project: Presentation

Categories: Sales  

Responsibilities: Graphic Design, 3D, Animation

Details: The opening title sequence for an internal awards ceremony

Technical Info: Cinema 4D, After Effects

Tomotherapy: ESTRO 2008

Project: Tradeshow, motion graphics, animation

Categories: Animation   Sales  

Responsibilities: Art direction, animation, design

Details: This video was created for the 2008 ESTRO trade-show to highlight the features and benefits of the Tomotherapy HD treatment system.

Technical Info: After Effects, Photoshop

TreeTop: KNDO Food Drive

Project: Broadcast

Categories: Animation   Broadcast  

Responsibilities: Graphic Design, Animation, Illustration

Details: A 30 sec spot for TreeTop Apple Juice and KNDO for their annual food drive

Technical Info: After Effects, Flash