Vision-ease - Technical cutaway illustration

Vision-ease: Medical Diagram

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Illustration

Details: A cutaway illustration for a technical manual

Technical Info: Photoshop, Illustrator

Categories: Technical  

Thermal Design - Perforated Liner Faced Insulation

Thermal Design: Product Manual

Responsibilities: Art Direction, 3D Illustration, Vector Illustration

Details: Technical illustrations for manuals and documentation.

Technical Info: Lightwave, Illustrator, Photoshop

Categories: 3D   Product   Technical  

GrandSimple V1 - Home Page Logo

GrandSimple: Conspiracy

Responsibilities: Art Direction, 3D Illustration

Details: A series of 3D Illustrations entitled "Conspiracy" created for the first version of this website launched in 2003.

Technical Info: Lightwave, Photoshop, Poser, Illustrator

Categories: 3D   Artistic  


Personal: Missing

Responsibilities: Illustration, Photography

Details: This illustration was was created by composting a pencil sketch with a photograph a friend of mine from Sweden took. There is no real story behind it but somehow the end result feels very sinister to me and I can't help but worry for her safety.

Technical Info: Photoshop, Pencil, Photography

Categories: Artistic  

Like Clockwork

Personal: Like Clockwork

Responsibilities: Illustration, Collage

Details: This pen and pencil illustration was originally created for a book cover of the classic novel The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. After scanning the original drawing I composited it in Photoshop using scans of old paper as the background. The final collage has a Steampunk feel to me, a genre which I enjoy greatly and strives for the vintage science fiction feel of the material it was inspired by.

Technical Info: Pencil drawing, Photoshop

Categories: Artistic